2018 World Competition in Detroit!

When we first heard that we'd been chosen to compete in the 2018 FTC World Competition, we were all in various states of disbelief,shock, and joy. The oppourtunity to go to Worlds was huge, and we were ready to do the best we could against fierce competition from all over the world. Leading up to our departure date, we worked daily on the robot, just to make sure it was ready to go!

It was a long drive from Maryland to Detroit, but we and the robot were able to make it there in one piece. Throughout the week, we had an amazing time competing, talking with other teams, and exploring Detroit! It was an amazing experience and everyone had a good time.

We may not have won an award, but by the end of the competition, we were just glad that we had the oppourtunity to compete. This event marked the end to our robotics season and the soon departure of our senior members who will soon go off to college. Special thanks to: Sue, Sabrina and Vivek of 5421 and Gregory,Kameron, and Andrew of 8121! Though this is the end of FTC for them, we wish them all the best as they embark on the next stage of their journey in the STEM field!

Febuary 2018 States Competition

Today was the State Competition for our 2018 season. Making alot of changes and updates to our robot since Qualifiers, we were ready for the challenge that awaited us.

The moments leading up to the state competition were a mix of stress,uncertainty and excitement. Both teams worked extremely hard throughout the competition, despite the technical difficulties that arrose at random points during the event. In the end, we were all excited to hear that 8121 won the promote award, and 5421 won the Motivate award.

While neither 5421 or 8121 advanced to the Super Regional Competition, we all left States that day proud of our collective efforts. We'd truly like to thank all our sponsors. We could not have made it this far without their support.

December 2017 Qualifier

Today was the first Qualifier of our 2017-2018 season and we had so much fun at this event. The qualifier was held at Walt Whitman High School down in Bethesda and by the end of the day both teams had held their own, successfully advancing to States! It has been so much time and work put into making this robot and we are excited to continue to improve and enhance our robots for the state competition.

These are some photos from our december qualifier. Throughout the day, we encountered a variety of problems and issues. From SDK incompatibilities to malfunctioning parts, our teams had to work quickly and efficiently to get our robots working as optimally as possible. Despite the hardships, our teams were able to perform exceptionally well in multiple categories earning Team 5421 RM’d and Dangerous and Team 8121 RMageddon 1st and 2nd place Inspire awards respectively. These are the biggest awards in the competition.

Visit to JRC Integrated Systems

Today, we were honored to present the results of the FIRST RES-Q season to one of our largest sponsors, JRC Integrated Systems. JRC is a service company that provides expertise in scientific fields (specifically naval engineering) to the Department of Defense, and is one of RM Robotics’ longest-supporting sponsors.

Following a recap of the FIRST RES-Q season’s successes, we demonstrated this season’s award-winning robot to JRC employees, as well as explained its’ unique features and custom-milled parts. The importance of FIRST and community outreach was at the forefront of our presentation.

We also learned about revolutions within the 3D printing field in use at JRC Integrated Systems. JRC Integrated Systems uses a top-of-the-line 3D printer to prototype scale models of parts. After printing in two different colors of filaments, the scale model is immersed in a chemical bath to dissolve the support filament, ensuring high quality results with few overhangs or errors in the final print.

Thank you to Peter Maldonado, Ryan Utz, and Anika Yardi (RM Robotics’ first Dean’s List Winner!) for the presentation, and special thanks to Jaime for his work communicating with RM Robotics to support our long-standing sponsorship. We look forward to holding demonstrations and learning about industry-standard machinery with the engineering community.

Twilight Rockville Rotary Runfest Recap

The Rockville Rotary Club recently hosted its’ annual Twilight Rotary Run 5K, and despite the rainy weather, the event was an overwhelming success! The run is used as a funraiser for Rockville Rotary Club and RM Robotics was glad to contribute.

One of RM Robotics’ largest and longest-supporting sponsors is the Rockville Rotary Club, a club that provides financial assistance toward charitable and educational programs. The Twilight Rotary Runfest is just one of the few ways the Rockville Rotary Club raises funds to provide these donations.

We demonstrated the harvesting capabilities of our robot as well as provided information about FIRST within the Maryland area, in order to increase involvement in these programs. A little rain never hurt the robot! (Disclaimer, please don’t test that)

We look forward to future demonstrations with the Rockville Rotary Club and supporting the events of our sponsors. Thank you to all the members of RM Robotics who came out, and the Rockville Rotary Club for their continued charitable sponsorship.

FTC East Super-Regional Update

Thank you to everyone for the great support shown throughout the season and the FTC East Super-Regionals. RM’d and Dangerous broke an astonishing number of milestones, and proved their mettle against a tough playing field.

At the end of the first day, RM’d and Dangerous went 6-2 in the qualifying rounds, ranking 4th out of all teams on the East Coast, and posting an impressive high score of 428 with FTC 8221 Cubix^3, 138 points shy of the world record of 566 points set at the competition. The second day ended with a 6-3 match record, securing their spot in 8th place.

Unfortunately, they were one match shy of guaranteeing a spot at the World Championships in St. Louis, hence ending the 2015-2016 FIRST RES-Q season for RM Robotics. This is not the end of the road for us, as we still have plenty more updates for off-season activities regarding local outreach, government advocacy, and demonstrations for FIRST and the engineering community.

Thank you to all of our supporters (especially our sponsors)! RM’d and Dangerous and RMageddon will come back this fall for a stronger season with a mountainous new challenge to tackle.

RM Robotics @ MD State Championship

This year, both RM Robotics teams were able to qualify for the Maryland State Championships. Through an exhilarating day, both teams walked away with some impressive accomplishments.

FTC 5421 RM’d and Dangerous ended the day as the 1st pick of the finalist alliance in the Hubble Division, after a tight finals series that went to three matches. Thank you to our alliance members, FTC 9799 Ingenerds and FTC 4451 Iteration Infinity for making this a great alliance!

FTC 8121 RMageddon had a bit of a rough start, but secured a spot in the semifinals of the Goddard Division as a 2nd pick for an alliance with FTC 6029 Team Robowiz and FTC 7182 Mechanical Paradox.

RM’d and Dangerous also walked away with some sweet hardware, in the form of the 2nd Place Promote Award, the Connect Award, and the 3rd Place Inspire Award, guaranteeing them a spot at the FTC East Super-Regionals from March 18-20, 2016.

Beyond this, Anika Yardi from RMageddon and Peter Maldonado from RM’d and Dangerous secured spots as Dean’s List finalists for the FIRST RES-Q season.

Congratulations to both teams, and wish us the best of luck at the Pennsylvania State Championships on February 27, 2016!

FTC 5421 Promote Video 2016

Take a look at RM'd and Dangerous' FIRST RES-Q Promote Award video submission for this year's theme "Now that I've succeeded in FIRST..."!

Results from the Weekend at Bullis School

This weekend, RM Robotics had a hefty challenge ahead of them. RM’d and Dangerous competed at the Montgomery1 Qualifier on January 16. The very next day, RM Robotics hosted the student-run and led Montgomery2 Qualifier at the Bullis School.

We’re glad to say that this was a very successful weekend! At the Montgomery1 Qualifier, RM’d and Dangerous rocketed through the elimination matches to score their first ever Winning Alliance award, working with alliance captain FTC 7182 Mechanical Paradox and 2nd pick FTC 6417 Blu Cru. Capped off with a slew of honors, including 2nd place in the Motivate, Connect, Innovate, and Think categories, as well as the prestigious Inspire award, RM’d and Dangerous secured a berth at the Maryland State Championships on February 20, 2016. Congratulations to the alliance!

Following their inaugural success, RM Robotics hosted the Montgomery2 qualifier that surprisingly ended on time! Every member of the RM Robotics crew filled crucial positions to ensure the qualifier worked smoothly; special thanks to Sunil Tohan for organizing the qualifier, Peter Maldonado for acting as Control Systems Advisor, Ryan Utz for his work as Hardware Inspector and Field Reset, Kyle Zhu, Theo Goltzman, and Kameron Hnath for their work as referees, and the Richard Montgomery High School National Honors Society for some much needed manpower to run the event.

Wish us luck at the Howard1 and Howard2 Qualifiers, where RM’d and Dangerous and RMageddon will be competing to test out their robots before the Maryland State Championship, and hopefully win some hardware!


It’s here! The new challenge has been released, and it looks like a doozy! Between the mountain structure, debris harvesting, and hanging, this might be FIRST’s toughest challenge yet!

RM Robotics had a great time at Capitol College for the Maryland FTC Kickoff. From learning about part fabrication and wiring with the new control system, to the pizza break after the game release, there was a lot of knowledge and fun circulating the facility today!

We also got the chance to impart some of our own wisdom to teams, through presentations on Competition Day, Github, and Judging (hosted on this website under the Resources page), as well as a unique “Ask a Veteran Team Anything” panel, including members from FTC 5421 RM’d and Dangerous.

We can’t wait to see the unique designs that teams come up with throughout the season. Have fun, and remember your gracious professionalism!