RM Robotics is a conglomerate of robotics teams headed by students from Richard Montgomery High School, in Rockville, MD. Founded in 2011, RM Robotics has grown from a small club at Richard Montgomery into the Rockville-Montgomery Robotics Association, an IRS-recognized not-for-profit organization.

We currently field one team that competes in the FIRST Tech Challenge.

What is FIRST?

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a non-profit organization founded by Dean Kamen, a successful inventor whose 25 year mission has been to change American culture to make becoming a scientist or engineer as desirable as being an actor or professional athlete. FIRST operates four robotics programs:

FIRST Tech Challenge is a secondary school robotics competition, where teams of approximately ten students work together to build a robot to complete a series of challenges released each September. Teams are also tasked with promoting STEM education and the growth of FIRST in their communities.

Currently, RM Robotics serves one team in the FIRST Tech Challenge, Team 5421 RM’d and Dangerous.